Print is fast becoming the star attraction of 2018. Primarily used to break through the ever growing frenzy of the digital world.

Distractions are rife, advertising is relentless, concentration is being lost. Print offers an engaging alternative that’s winning both attention and loyalty.

These simple, budget friendly print ideas offer actionable techniques for any business to implement. How many can you put into practice?

Loyalty Cards

A clear, straight forward reward upon collecting the relevant number of stamps. Absolutely genius! Brought to the mainstream via coffee shop culture, a number of other business sectors are also making use of this customer loyalty technique. Vape shops, restaurants and takeaways, beauty salons, barbers, bakeries, bars, pubs, clubs, the list is endless.

Traditionally printed on a business card making these beauties super friendly on the budget. Save your clients / customers from ever having to consider going elsewhere. A loyalty card in a purse or wallet, means a decision has been made long before it’s even been thought about. Habits can be a wonderful thing!


Compare how many adverts or marketing messages you see online each day with how many you receive through the post. 2018 is prime time for sending something pleasant in the mail. Invitations, greeting cards, postcards and flyers all offer the potential to connect with either a current or future client.

Promotional items or sweets inside the envelope add to the curiosity. Why not put a little something together to introduce / re-introduce yourself with a couple of small treats. When sent to the right recipients, direct mail in this form can put your message right where it needs to be.

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Big & Bold Advertising

Using print in the form of banners offers a huge canvas to shout about your business. The consistently popular roller, and PVC banner delivers a short, sharp and very large message that’s hard to ignore. Popular for use at trade shows, wedding fairs, networking events and promotional stands.

High impact attention grabber is the main aim here. Get creative with your initial message that should involve a clear call to action. Do you want people to call you? Visit your website? Take a closer look at a new product or service? Make sure it’s instantly visible.

Flyer Distribution

When carried out in the correct manor, leaflet or flyer distribution can bring in some fantastic results. This is one of the reasons so many businesses still use this rather old school method. Make it inviting, engaging and if possible add a special offer to increase response rates.

The design will need to be eye catching and professional. The printing will also need to be of the highest possible quality. Getting out there and delivering them yourself to start with is the most cost effective option. Gauge the responses, tweak if needed and as the business grows you can eventually look for a reputable leaflet distribution company to take on the hard work.


Who doesn’t love a voucher hey? Covering both bases of attention and loyalty here. Send them to prospect customers to grab their initial interest. Send them to your current customers to keep their interest. Vouchers can be printed in the form of a book, part of a flyer or leaflet, or even tear outs in magazines or newspapers.

Consider timing. Disposable income for most people is at it’s highest right at the end, and then the beginning of each month. Sending your vouchers out at this point may well get you a far higher response. It seems to work for Dominoes anyway!

Hopefully at least a couple of these suggestions have sparked a few ideas to add to your marketing plan. In 2018 and beyond it’s all about grabbing those vital seconds of attention…

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