Printing and brand consistency. An opportunity to build value, gain trust and further develop a positive reputation.

A vital element of the overall branding spectrum, print is an essential offline extension of your brands online presence.

Printing benefits brands in a number of ways. Here we’ve broken down the what, why and how of consistency across the worlds of print and digital.

What is brand consistency?

Delivering a voice, visual style and actions that are recognisable across absolutely everything that the public see. It’s your shop front, website, marketing, social media posts, blog posts, the way you deal with interactions, enquiries and even complaints. Brand consistency is uniting the way you speak, look and act.

Ever see or hear an advertisement and instantly identify who it’s for? Before any mention of the product, company or service, you just know. That’s brand consistency. The visuals, style, voice and / or sounds have become clearly connected to that particular brand.

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Why you should embrace brand consistency:

The reasoning behind the process can get pretty deep and psychological depending on the source. Without delving too far down the rabbit hole, here’s just a few of the key benefits.

Awareness, recognition, authority – The initial three areas that consistent brands are rewarded with. Your audience is increasingly aware of what your company stands for and more importantly, why you do what you do. As Simon Sinek says – “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

With positive awareness and recognition comes authority. Positioned as an expert within your sector, the public will begin forming an authoritative persona of your brand.

Competitive edge, higher price point – Setting yourself ahead of the competition through brand consistency puts your company in a very exciting position. Less need to complete, more opportunity to raise prices accordingly.

Innovation, continual learning and creative thinking will all need to be put into practice to retain this edge. Don’t get complacent once you reach this point.

Trust & loyalty – Consistency builds both trust and loyalty. Once the emotional connection has been formed, many consumers will use that particular brand for life.

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How to print your way to brand consistency:

Adding printing into the branding mix adds an extra medium to further invoke your message. The following three ideas are used by many successful brands. Simple yet effective actions designed to keep you consistent.

Matching everything visually – Without any doubt the strongest opportunity here is visuals.

Matching your flyers, leaflets & business cards with your online visual style is a solid starting point. Does your print reflect how you look online and vice versa? If not, it’s time to get tweaking.

Print & digital campaigns – Many of the companies we work with use the following technique: Run an area specific social media campaign backed up with a leaflet drop in the same area. A timely distribution job coinciding with a Facebook ad offers a double hit. With a strong visual style in place the seed is being well and truly planted.

Display media – Banners – Many companies at some stage in their lifetime require the use of banners.

Roller banners and mesh or PVC banners all offer a large area of space to deliver your message. This is a prime opportunity to drive engagement with the visually consistent style you have been building.

To conclude:

Printing is one of many contributing factors to your brand. For some it’s a small (but still important) jigsaw piece, for others it is one of the primary ingredients.

Either way, keeping it consistent works in favour of both your business and your audience. The results bring advantages and benefits that essentially, keep YOU at the forefront.

Recommended book: Alina Wheeler – Designing Brand Identity.

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