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Print marketing ideas in the digital age. A much needed step away from the chaotic overload of information we witness on screen every single day.

Digital distractions and the battle for attention have become the norm in 2018. As businesses look to promote themselves in different and noticeable ways, it’s print that’s consistently engaging and attracting inquisitive eyes.

A round up of three print marketing ideas follows, serving as a planted seed for your forthcoming activities. Dip in and out as you please, taking inspiration wherever you deem suitable for your own personal situation…

1. Postcards / Flyers / Greeting Cards

Straight in at number one not only for their visual appeal, but also for their friendliness on the budget! A well designed postcard or flyer printed on a premium quality paper stock will deliver a concise but powerful message to the recipient.

Maybe it’s the end of the year and time to thank your existing clients? A personalised greeting card lets your customers know you appreciate them, whilst keeping your brand fresh in their minds.

Designed? Yup! Printed? Yup! Now What?

Exciting times! All of your sweet looking flyers have arrived! ‘Let’s put them over here for a bit and decide what to do with them later’…Say whaaaaat? Don’t fall into the same trap that many businesses do – popping them into the cupboard of doom never to be seen again!

A few options are available depending on your budget:

Get out there and deliver them yourself – Visit businesses and / or residential areas that are likely to use your services. Ideal for startups or those on a small budget. This activity costs nothing but your time (and maybe a bit of fuel). A fantastic exercise for getting your business out there and meeting with potential new customers.

Post –  A direct mail campaign works wonders when goodies are involved inside. Place a branded pen, some sweets or a keyring in the envelope for a higher chance of it being opened and read. Lumpy mail as it’s known is quite simply hard for the receiver to ignore.

Employ a promotions or distribution company – If your budget allows and you’re working on a fairly large campaign, employing a company to do the hard work for you could be a viable option. Promo staff can distribute your flyers in high footfall areas whilst also wearing your promotional t-shirts. Distribution companies or even the Royal Mail can deliver high numbers to residential areas. 

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2. Business Cards / Stickers / Pens

On the go marketing – Take your tools with you! The humble business card powered through the digital age to remain as popular as ever. Networking events, meetings and chance encounters are all prime time opportunities to hand over your card.

With so many business cards exchanging hands on a daily / weekly basis, yours needs to be nothing short of remarkable! Get creative with the content, ensure it’s visually appealing and opt for a fancy finish. Spot UV, soft / velvety touch, rounded corners, brown / kraft cards, coloured edges and shimmering / pearlescent effects were all invented to help you stand out.

Portable print marketing needn’t stop at business cards. Take it a step further and carry a few personalised pens or stickers around with you…  

Leave a few lying around at your networking events. Lend a pen out and let them keep it when (if) they offer to give it back 🙂 Never miss an opportunity, no matter how small to promote your business!

3. Envelopes / Letter Heads / Compliment Slips

The little details – Re-enforce your brand, remain fresh in your clients minds and show them that you mean business!

Personalised / branded stationery & office supplies such as envelopes, letter heads and compliment slips serve a few very useful purposes:

Making you look professional – Nothing screams out ‘professional’ more than these beauties! The design of which should be equally as important as your flyers and business cards. Brand consistency playing a big role here.

Additional ways to connect or be remembered – Provide further contact info, social media links or even a witty phrase to ensure you’re remembered. 

Promote additional products – Let’s not get spammy here, but a small section stating the services you offer may well introduce your client to something they weren’t previously aware you could help them with. 

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In Summary: 

Hopefully one or two print marketing ideas there to try out within your next campaigns. The essential aim being to stand out from the over-crowded world of digital. Ensure it’s forward thinking, of the highest possible quality and sends a clear message. 

It’s more important than ever for businesses new and old to innovate, try out new ideas and not be afraid to do something a little different. The visual power of print marketing remains an essential element of any successful business in 2018.

Want to discuss your ideas? 

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