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Graphic Design Trends – Why you should avoid them like the plague.

During the madness that is the run up to any Christmas and New Year, many great prophets predict the future of graphic design. It’s based on a highly technical / completely made up analysis of what seems to be popular towards the tail end of the year.

Graphic design trends, despite being fashionable, should be approached with a little caution. Although an on the ball source of inspiration, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

They’re already trending –  The popularity and use of each trend is already on the rise. A ravenous flurry of designers are also incoming, ready to hop on the à la mode bandwagon. Yup, it’s turned into a widespread pandemic already. (See my link right there to the posts quite awful title). 

They become unoriginal – So much work by so many graphic designers in vastly similar styles = a distinct lack of originality. Creativity and graphic design is all about new ideas and tailored styles that are in line with your / your clients brand.

Brand styles – Brands are recognised for the colours, image, voice and styles that distinguish them. Graphic design trends will come and go, yet a brand will need to remain consistent if it’s to become identifiable. Imagine Coca Cola changing their colour to Living Coral, Pantone’s colour of the year 2019, as an example.

graphic design trends
Although Living Coral is without doubt a lively and spirited choice, it shouldn’t be used for the sake of it.

To conclude – This years graphic design trends shouldn’t be completely avoided as (over exaggeratingly) stated in the title. However mindlessly using them for no useful reason hastily becomes a tad unimaginative.

Set your own trends, do your own thing. Embrace the pride and charm of new ideas. This is where the magic lies.

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