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Eco Friendly Printing is the practice of minimising environmental impact whilst maintaining the same premium quality print.

It’s an exciting time for the industry as more and more studios convert to the sustainable way of doing things. Lots of small changes like these = big changes for the planet!

Eco friendly printing means the same (if not better) end result, without ever having a negative effect on our forests or the environment. It’s a win / win situation!

Here’s three super simple, super effective ways you can step up and do your bit.

FSC® Approved Paper Stocks:

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the worlds forests. Printing on FSC® approved paper stocks offers peace of mind that a sustainable source has always been used.

With the vast amount of paper in use on a daily basis by commercial printers, this is a huge, positive step towards making a real difference.

No compromise on quality – The same superior print quality without the adverse environmental impact.

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Vegetable Based Inks:

Conjuring up images of beetroot based flyers? Carrot juice soaked business cards? Almost, well in fact not anywhere close! Vegetable based printer inks use the oils from various vegetables / nuts / seeds / soy rather than stinky petroleum. The latter can dry faster but emits a whole lot of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are basically a health hazard as well as damaging to the ozone.

How do they look? When the finished product looks richer and brighter with vegetable based inks, it’s a no brainer! Make sure your printer is using these beauties!

Minimise / Recycle Waste:

Thinking beyond the printing stage – In the ideal world, we would order print, distribute or use accordingly and not have to worry about any spare leftovers.

In reality this very rarely happens. The infamous cupboard of doom as mentioned in our last post, is always waiting to take these off of your hands!

A well organised campaign should minimise waste. Have a plan of how / where your print will be used or given out. When it comes to items you really won’t be using any more, simply recycle.

Un-f**ck The Planet!

From a consumer point of view, eco friendly printing should be considered especially when ordering frequently or in large numbers. The cost should never be any extra, the quality will be far superior, and you’ve done your bit towards un-f**king the planet…

Order eco friendly print.

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