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Business card inspiration has long been a fascinating source of creative ideas.

A well designed small rectangle of cardboard, becomes a thing of beauty and awe. In the digital age we live in, a predicted decline in business cards wouldn’t have been unimaginable. Yet here they are as popular as ever!

Why? A show of craftsmanship, professionalism and an indicator that you’re serious about what you do.

We’ve been exploring the world of Behance to collate a whole lot of business card inspiration. From simplistic / minimalist styles through to bold and bright colours. All of which are quite simply hard to ignore.

The following designs have been picked for their originality, creativity and most importantly their ability to stand out. Take a peruse at your leisure. We’ve linked to the designer below each image if you would like to see more of their work. Enjoy!

Personal Identity – By Manon Louart

‘Business card for smoking hot commissions’ – By Philip Lindeman

Nymbl – A brand that really is all work and all play – By Various Owners.

Too Undo – By Gary Corr

Capt. Dave’s – By Cody Cano

Studio 2 Animation Lab – By Wilson Wang

Paris Berlin Wedding Planners – By Tommaso Taraschi

Hello Ruby – By Kokoro & Moi

BY Studio – By BYEn

Puf! Festival – By Multiple Owners

Personal Branding – By Agu Wu

Sherlock Holmes – By Aurora Creative Studio

Taiwan Flower & Bird Garden – By Sean Huang

Shine bright! – By puntuale

Dental Care Clinic – By Giotto Creative Studio

Beast Editorial – By Multiple Owners

Union Biotech – By Paul Virlan

Between Spaces – By Lucas Amarel

Notum – By Daniel Brokstad

Radio Identity – By Tung

A truly artistic and imaginative body of work from a talented group of designers.

Attention to detail, originality and visual appeal all add up to a rather inspiring collection. Did you spot any favourites? Go check out the designer or studio and show them some love. ❤

The humble business card remains a super effective showcase of one’s work. It’s not so much about the contact details any more. It’s a mini promotional tool providing a glimpse of what you’re all about. Make sure it’s creative, make sure it’s original, and make sure it’s saying all the right things about your business.

We’re a Derby based commercial print and graphic design studio. Driven by a passion for creativity, we’re here to help your business rise above the crowded market place.

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