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A business card design with no contact number on it? Ooh-err controversial…but yep, it’s happening people!

Long gone are the days of phone calls being the primary point of contact. In fact if you think about it, in many cases it’s the least used function of a mobile phone.

Working on a recent business card design for a client, Ria Amber Tesia partly contributed to the idea behind this blog post. I then remembered seeing iconic graphic designer David Airey showing his business cards on Twitter a while ago. Although very different in style, what they both have in common is no contact numbers.

As an introvert it’s an idea I can totally get behind. I mean we positively hate phone calls! Of course making and taking calls is unavoidable if you want to run a successful business. In certain situations a phone call can be used to clarify details in a timely and precise manor. However, there’s a strong argument as to why we no longer need to include a number on a business card.

1. It’s 2018

Live chat, email, social media & WhatsApp. It’s no longer a case of having to pick up the phone if you want to contact a business or organisation. The option should still be there, however the majority of folk in 2018 are now using alternative methods of contact.

2. Less is more

With less information to cram in, creative simplicity comes into play. If your online SEO is as it should be, what more do you really need than your name? Maybe what you do and your website address? A business card of this minimal style will make up for it’s lack of information in the immaculate high end finish. Just take a look at David’s works of art below…

business card design

3. You’re an introvert

Introverts are generally creative thinkers. Ideas are constantly accumulating and many of us put these ideas into practice by setting up a business. Constant phone calls can then easily become overwhelming, especially if you are having to deal with them yourself. Do yourself a favour and ditch the number on your next business card design. You can easily direct people to your website, get them to email you, even message you on social media.

4. To build your email list

When people are contacting you by email you are presented with one big opportunity that doesn’t arise with a phone call. A chance to build your email / newsletter subscribers. As they are about to contact you, it’s highly likely that they are somewhat interested in what you do. Adding an email marketing consent (yes or no) question to the bottom of your contact form is one of the easiest ways to build your list. Clearcut are currently sitting at around 65 / 70% of all enquiries agreeing to receive further emails. It works!

5. Saving time

Not always, but in many instances, it’s a lot quicker and easier to have an email conversation to refer back to. Rather than having to ring back, trying to remember what was said, or frantically scribbling unreadable notes, it’s all right there. When a phone call is essential, follow it up with an email and in most cases the conversation can carry on that way.

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In summary – Food for thought:

“But that’s the way we’ve always done it” – heard that before? Simply because we’ve been on autopilot doesn’t mean we need to stop thinking and innovating. Times are changing quicker than the speed at which I can eat a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes. It won’t apply to everyone, granted, but just take a think about what actually needs to be on your next business card design.

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