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Brand colours play a fundamental role in connecting emotionally with your audience.

Ensuring your choice of colours embrace consistency will increase recognition as well as strengthen awareness.

Brand colours invoke feelings, which in turn develops into association and connection.

Maybe you’re looking to pick the colours for your next business venture? Refine what you’re using within a current business? Or considering an exciting rebrand with a whole new set? Whichever reason brings you here, we’ve got some useful pointers below to keep you consistent.

Choosing your colour / colours:

An interesting and thought provoking stage for any business big or small. One main colour will represent you, as well as providing indicators as to what sort of personality you hold. Your business sector and style / approach will normally narrow down your choices. A quick Google search of ‘Brand Colours’ or ‘Colour Psychology’ provides a wealth of information.

Once a principal colour chosen, it’s a good idea to pick three or four more to be used alongside. Forming part of your brand guide, this can be used when creating any marketing communications for digital or print uses.

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Be specific – There’s a million and one different shades of every colour. Rather than simply stating red for example, know exactly which red. Maybe you picked blue? Is it light, bright, dark, navy? Here’s a super useful tool from Adobe that allows you to experiment with combinations. Try out the colour wheel, or you can upload an image and use colours from within that image as pictured above.

Recording your choices:

Choices made, it’s time to keep a record of the colours you will now be using across everything you own, publish, print etc. It’s entirely your call as to how you do this. The important thing is that you keep a note of the specific colours.

Referring back to the Adobe Color tool mentioned above, you will notice that each colour has two codes. RGB is for use when designing images for a screen, for example social media and web graphics. The HEX code you’ll notice is for use when designing or working on websites. Equally important is the CMYK code which isn’t listed. This is the colour code system used when designing for printed materials. To obtain this, simply ask your graphic designer, or add your RGB code to a website like this one, which will provide you with the CMYK version.


Foundations set…It’s time to rock your brand colours! Decisions made, choices and codes noted, you’re unquestionably ready to become a whole lot more noticeable.

As well as your logo, website, shop front, uniforms, signage and vehicles, consistent colours will also unite your print and digital marketing. Communications with your audience can now benefit from an instantly recognisable colour palette. Wherever possible, use your chosen colours on everything that anyone can lay their eyes upon.

Social Media, Digital & Print Marketing – An easy win! Your logo will feature on both, directly showcasing your main colour. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ (at least until it closes down in 2019) banners can all continue the wave of colour, introducing your additional choices. They can then relate back to your printed materials which can easily embrace the same style. Your visual output will gain additional interaction, reach and appeal with continual use of a set colour combo.

Matching your flyers, leaflets and business cards with your online presence will provide further clarification of your credibility, recognition and awareness.

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To conclude:

A strong set of consistently used brand colours provides your audience with an insight into the personality of your business. It’s important to bear down and get specific with your choices. Over time your print and digital marketing will benefit as you become significantly more memorable. Recognisable through your colour palette alone, it’s all about forming that important emotional connection.

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