Brand Colours – How To Stay Consistent Across Print & Digital

Dec 2, 2018

Brand colours play a fundamental role in connecting emotionally with your audience. Ensuring your choice of colours embrace consistency will increase recognition as well as strengthen awareness. Brand colours invoke feelings, which in turn develops into association and connection. Maybe you’re looking to pick the colours for your next business venture? Refine what you’re using … Read More

Litho Printing Vs Digital Printing

Nov 25, 2018

Litho printing, or offset lithography is a technique widely used by commercial printers. Digital printing is another method, also widely used by commercial printers. So what’s the difference? In this short read, we’ll explain the best practices and benefits of each approach. Litho printing involves a much more technical set up than digital. The artwork … Read More

Free Stock Images – Top 5 Sites

Nov 8, 2018

Free stock images are an incredible recourse for print, blogging and digital marketing projects. An infinite number of sites offer photos, illustrations, and vectors without charge. Rather than listing the top gazillion places to obtain these free stock images, we’ll keep it simple with 5 of the absolute best. Free stock images can be ideal for … Read More

Small Business Marketing – Top 5 Print Products

Oct 27, 2018

Small business marketing. A fine art to master, usually with a relatively limited budget. Print plays an essential role within start up and small business marketing. Here’s our top 5 products that won’t cost the earth, but will promote your business in all of the right ways. As with any small business marketing advice, the … Read More

Business Card Design – 5 Reasons NOT To Include Your Number

Oct 18, 2018

A business card design with no contact number on it? Ooh-err controversial…but yep, it’s happening people! Long gone are the days of phone calls being the primary point of contact. In fact if you think about it, in many cases it’s the least used function of a mobile phone. Working on a recent business card … Read More

Printing Your Way To Brand Consistency – What, Why & How

Oct 4, 2018

Printing and brand consistency. An opportunity to build value, gain trust and further develop a positive reputation. A vital element of the overall branding spectrum, print is an essential offline extension of your brands online presence. Printing benefits brands in a number of ways. Here we’ve broken down the what, why and how of consistency … Read More

Printing Lingo – GSM, Bleed, Litho, CMYK & DPI Explained

Sep 11, 2018

Printing lingo, to newcomers it can seem like commercial printers are talking another language, an abbreviation based one at that! To get the best from your print it’s a good idea to gain a basic understanding of some of the more commonly used phrases and how they affect the finished product. This post will bust … Read More

Using Print To Win Attention & Loyalty – 5 Ideas

Sep 2, 2018

Print is fast becoming the star attraction of 2018. Primarily used to break through the ever growing frenzy of the digital world. Distractions are rife, advertising is relentless, concentration is being lost. Print offers an engaging alternative that’s winning both attention and loyalty. These simple, budget friendly print ideas offer actionable techniques for any business … Read More

Business Card Inspiration – 20 Stunning Designs

Aug 23, 2018

Business card inspiration has long been a fascinating source of creative ideas. A well designed small rectangle of cardboard, becomes a thing of beauty and awe. In the digital age we live in, a predicted decline in business cards wouldn’t have been unimaginable. Yet here they are as popular as ever! Why? A show of … Read More

Eco Friendly Printing – 3 Ways To Step Up

Aug 16, 2018

Eco Friendly Printing is the practice of minimising environmental impact whilst maintaining the same premium quality print. It’s an exciting time for the industry as more and more studios convert to the sustainable way of doing things. Lots of small changes like these = big changes for the planet! Eco friendly printing means the same … Read More